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valvero Sachwerte GmbH

valvero Sachwerte GmbH is a precious metal trading company with stores in Berlin, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Lindau (B). We are also a fair and competent partner in storing precious metal investments free of VAT and ad valorem taxes (through our partners) in Germany and abroad, as well as in purchasing precious metals.

Precious metal trading
Purchase and sale of gold and silver bars and coins for private and commercial customers for investment purposes.

Modern numismatics from around the world.
Precious metal recycling
Purchase of old gold, scrap gold, dental gold, and jewelry as well as silver of any kind. Other precious metals upon request.
Our online products:
Custom minting orders
We manage minting orders for gold and silver coins, bars, and medallions for companies, associations, municipalities, and cities.


In our Berlin vault, we offer our customers a bank-independent safe deposit box where they are able to store precious metals and personal valuables at the highest level of security.
valvero offers short-term collateral loans for overcoming financial bottlenecks, paid out in cash immediately.

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