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We broker minting orders for coins, bars, and medals made of gold and silver for companies, associations, communities, and cities.

Individuelle Prägungen

Germany's most popular landmark as a medal in pure silver

Germany's most beautiful and most significant landmarks are immortalize in pure silver (999/100) and highest mint quality as 31.1-gram silver medals. The first medal dedicated to this highly-valued silver edition is the Zugspitze Railway, which reopened in 2017. The 2nd edition bears a beautiful image of Neuschwanstein Castle.

Zugspitztaler vorne

Zugspitztaler hinten
Zugspitztaler Verpackung

Neuschwansteintaler hinten

Neuschwansteintaler vorne
Neuschwansteintaler Verpackung
The following editions of this limited special minting display impressive renditions of the Cologne Cathedral, Wartburg Castle at Eisenach, the Zwinger in Dresden and the Brandenburg Gate, to name a few.

Bars with decorative designs from valvero

Individualized, personalized golden gifts for all special occasions, anniversaries, associations, communities and companies. We would love to speak with you and offer you a custom-tailored solution.
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Motivbarren Geburtstag
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